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cPanel (v0.0.1) *

This author is really starting to tick me off. Not only is this the *ninth* useless empty module he has uploaded to CPAN (that I have seen!), polluting the search index, but he has the amazing gall to write the following:

"If you'd like to use the cPanel namespace in your modules, please use cPanel::3rdparty, cPanel::Custom, cPanel::Local, or cPanel::My as your base namespace to avoid confusion with modules released by cPanel, Inc."

Well, I'm sorry, but by not only wasting our time with worthless junk like this but lecturing us to boot, you make it extremely unlikely that anyone *will* ever use your precious namespace (which should have been WWW::cPanel, anyway).

Incidentally, this module has just passed its first anniversary of being "a placeholder". Make of that what you will.
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