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Mojolicious-Plugin-Notifications (0.10) *****

Of all the Notification plugins for Mojolicious this module is the most versatile.

Log-Any (1.032)


WWW-Google-Contacts (0.39) *****

The package is excellent. I look forward to it working with the new API, and I'll see if I can help.

Thread-Queue (3.07) *****

Excellent tool for reliable communication between main-program and threads.

Date-EzDate (1.16) *****

Very useful date manipulation package. Very clever and intuitive interface. It is actually fun to use, and very powerful.

Tie-Scalar-Callback (0.03)

There is a prior art Tie::Simple (created in 2004) which works for scalar as well as the other types of ties that perl supports (array, hash, handle).

JSON-XS (3.01) *

tl;dr summary: Use Cpanel::JSON::XS instead.

This module filled a useful need in the past, but it has not been maintained in over two years. The maintainer is difficult to work with, not accepting bug reports via rt.cpan.org and often replying with abuse.

Unless you have a legacy need for this module, Cpanel::JSON::XS is almost certainly a better fit for current needs.

Storable (2.51)

The following short script will crash almost any XS module you care to try it with:

use warnings;
use strict;
my $xsmodule = 'Image::PNG::Libpng';
eval "use $xsmodule";
my $iv = 1;
my $ivref = \$iv;
bless $ivref, $xsmodule;

Change $iv to a random number or zero if you like, and change $xsmodule to whatever you like.

Unbelievably, this is what Storable actually seems to do:

use warnings;
use strict;
use Storable qw/thaw freeze/;
my $xsmodule = 'JSON::XS';
my $thing;
eval "use $xsmodule;\$thing = $xsmodule->new ()";
thaw (freeze (\$thing));

This module has been around since 1995 and it's part of the Perl core.

See also


Module-Install (1.16) *

Trying to build and contribute to Module-Install-based-modules caused me no end of grief and frustrations in the past due to trying to chase dependencies, and lack of usability. Furthermore, Module-Install was abandoned recently and is now under-maintained and non-recommended and one should no longer use it. A better alternative would be the newer and better Dist-Zilla and I'm still using raw Module-Build which is also quite decent for some of my older CPAN distributions.

JSON-Create (0.19) ****

Review for 0.02: Performance-wise, still has some catching up to do against JSON::XS & Cpanel::JSON::XS with regards to encoding arrays & hashes.

UPDATE review for 0.19: Giving it 4 stars now. Speed has been improving and on-par/slightly better than the other JSON XS modules in some areas, while a bit worse in some other areas. Faster modules are always welcome.

App-Netdisco (2.033004) *****

Very usefull application ! How did they do before? Thanks !

match-simple (0.009) *****

Small and easy to use, match::simple, match::smart and match::simple::XS are like a brand renewed simplified smart match operator.

It doesn't export match() unless you ask it to - which is a good thing.

Unclear how or if match::simple can help given/when ;-)

Process-Status (0.007) *****

Provides a thin/lightweight OO interface for $?, much like what Time::Piece does for localtime()/gmtime() or File::Stat for stat(). Of course, Real(TM) programmers shift and fiddle bits by themselves, but for the rest of us this module is a nice convenience.

Oxford-Calendar (2.10) *****

An excellent, easily usable, solution to what forms a surprisingly involved (and very specific!) problem.

AI-General (0.01)

It's an Acme module with no content.

MD5-Reverse (0.01)

This seems to be an empty placeholder with no function.

HTML-Bare (0.02)

From documentation:

> As far as I am concerned, as the author of the module, the 'HTML' in 'HTML::Bare' should be thought of to mean 'eXtremely Mad Language', because the module was written from scratch without referring to the specification known as 'HTML'.

Sorry but I am going to give up on trying out your module here. Just untangling what you are trying to say or think is too much work. Good luck with it!

HTML-AA (0.10)

It's better not to use Google Translate to write your documentation.

Message-Passing-ZeroMQ (0.008) *****

Good design

Image-MetaData-JPEG (0.159) *****

I came to this module while searching for a Perl alternative to jpegtran (a UNIX tool). So far I am using it just to remove all metadata for all images during the build-process of a webpage. Works fine!

XSConfig (6.05) *

Breaks your Perl installation. Avoid like plague.

JE (0.066) *****

Very nice Engine implementation.

Vroom (0.37) *****

If you want to setup a presentation quickly and only want to show text and code, then you should definitely try out Vroom, even if you are not a regular vim user.

You can also define custom vim mappings in your ~/.vroom/vimrc, for example to display an image.

POE-Component-EasyDBI (1.28)

good one

Method-Signatures (20141021) *****

Thank you very much, your module is a real salvation for the person who've got tired to invent the parameter validation bicycle. :)