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perl5-byacc-patches (0.6) *****

The Perl patches to byacc work perfectly! That said, the age of the distributed version of byacc may discourage some people from using it. It'd be nice if maintenance of this were to be taken up again.

Zodiac-Chinese (1) *

From the doc: "This module generates one's Chinese zodiac. However, for those born in late January to early February, it may be wrong." Well, a module that might return wrong results is not very useful.

JSON-MultiValueOrdered (0.005) *****

I guess if you want to switch JSON implementation more easily with JSON, JSON::PP, and JSON::XS, it's better to use JSON::Tiny::Subclassable instead of JSON::Tiny, because the interface is more similar to JSON{::XS,::PP}, although it's not exactly the same. JT:Subclassable also supports pretty() which is often used when debugging. In short, I found JSON::Tiny::Subclassable is a better "Tiny JSON" module than JSON::Tiny.

JSON-Tiny (0.53)

Ah, the many JSON implementation modules out there...

I guess if you want to switch JSON implementation more easily with JSON, JSON::PP, and JSON::XS, it's better to use JSON::Tiny::Subclassable instead of JSON::Tiny, because the interface is more similar to JSON{::XS,::PP}, although it's not exactly the same.

IO-Socket-Timeout (0.32) ****

Very useful module, thanks

PDF-Reuse (0.36) **

The functionality is fantastic; especially useful is the ability to add pages from existing PDFs to your document.

The interface on the other hand is an abomination and the fact that code uses package variables means you can't easily distill the module into some object.

The docs exist and look to be complete, but there's just too much of them (partly due to bad interface). It took me a while to find how to change page size and I still don't know how prForm and prDoc differ or how to change font colour.

Business-PayPal-NVP (1.08) ****

It's just a light wrapper on LPW, but then it's exacly what is needed to use Paypal: no loads of dependencies such as SOAP (it uses the NVP Paypal interface) and a very lightweight module which basically just avoids the need to write boilerplate code.

Everything is forwarded as-is to Paypal, so the Paypal developer documentation is the only thing you need.

Treex-EN (0.13095) *

Couldn't install this module because the test fails.

Geo-Coder-Googlev3 (0.14) *

I recommend Geo::Coder::Google::V3 over Geo::Coder::Googlev3 since Geo::Coder::Google::V3 will let you configure enterprise keys when you grow.

Lchown (1.01)

Lchown is basically the same as File::lchown, except Lchown exports lchown() by default. And File::lchown also provides lutimes().

POD2-RU-PSGI (0.003) *****

молодец!! сделал такую большую работу!
Благодаря этому FAQ (metacpan.org/pod/distribution/POD2-RU...
я перевел ftree (программу,рисующую генеалогическое древо) из CGI в PSGI

если ее поставить
cpanm cpan.metacpan.org/authors/id/M/MI/MIS...

и скопировать папку cgi-bin из дистрибутива
например сюда

то, делая


HTTP::Server::PSGI: Accepting connections at 0:5000/
теперь заходим в броузер

и можем увидеть генеалогическое дерево, причем
для его управления нужно просто редактировать файл
файл с другим именем, но тогда это имя нужно указать в файле ftree.config
изменив параметр
file_name tree.xls
на свой

а картинки родных должны быть 3x4
и их нужно класть в директорию
где именем картинки должен быть id персоны+.jpg
все работает

для юникса нужно будет еще исправить параметр

photo_dir c:/ftree/cgi-bin/pictures/

на свой

File-Stat (0.01) *

I really like the interface to stat proposed by this module, but due to bug RT:83208 (rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=83... and too much grieve caused by this module, such as problematic installation etc, I cannot recommend it's use.

As proposed in the RT a new name like File::Stat:.Object, could make this module usable.


Tie-File-AsHash (0.200) **

Cute little module that I really wanted to use and like.

My overall poor score is based on the fact that performance is really poor and becomes worse and worse as the number of records increases.

After 1000 records (on a pretty powerful UNIX machine) it becomes almost unusable.
For example, READING a simple hash of 9,848 key-value records took 2,627 seconds!
FYI: 1000 records took 20 secs
2000 -> 90 secs
3000 -> 214
4000 -> 393
5000 -> 629
6000 -> 925
7000 -> 1281
8000 -> 1698
9000 -> 2174
Pretty exponential!

Web-Simple (0.031) *****

This module is the best way to quickly create web services in Perl. With the absolute minimum of code, you get something that can be ran directly from command line for testing, as a [F]CGI script for very simple deployment or via mod_perl if needed.

Simply excellent!

PoolController (0.01) *

Empty one with few dummy functions.

Inline-C (0.76) *****

Inline::C is one of the most amazing modules out there. Not everything about its usage is simple as you'll need to have a decent grasp of the perl guts if you want to do anything beyond trivial - but it's not too bad either. I'm using it to speed up some objects, can't comment on how painful it would be to use it to bind to an external library (though that sounds like an amazing use case as well).

Geo-IP2Location-Lite (0.04) *****

Works great as a drop-in replacement for the buggy and bloated original Geo::IP2Location that refused to work for me without a patch.

Web-Query (0.31) ****

Excellent module. Much easy to treat an html document, opens new way for template systems.

MongoDB (v0.708.4.0)

High quality

Text-ASCIITable (0.20) *****

After trying a couple other different Text Table modules, I stumbled upon this one, and it was exactly what I needed!

File-Slurp (9999.19) *

Avoid as it is abandoned and has unfixed critical flaws, e.g. rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?i...

Imager-Screenshot (0.013) *****

exactly what i was looking for ...

Git-Repository (1.315) *****

I'm enjoying using this. It's making my current git workflow automation much easier to implement. The author (BooK) is very responsive to queries and suggestions. Recommended.

Syntax-Feature-Try (1.000) *****

Great package, with a very responsive maintainer. Several feature requests have had same-day turnaround.

YellowBot-API (0.97)

this is very nice platform