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Wx (0.9905) *****

While maybe Wx takes a bit of getting used to, it has allowed me to create a sophisticated application with a sophisticated interface faster than I would have otherwise been able to. Add to that, Perl is the 'Glue' that allows me simultaneously to access a variety of c-based apps such as multi-media, prolog, database, email and so on all in utf8, without leaving the security of my single Perl IDE.

I agree that the doc is not as all-encompassing as it might be, but you find it if you look and the user lists wx-users on googlegroups and wxperl-users on perl dot org are great support vehicles and much less strict about on/off topic than some others.

Finally, Padre, another cpan module and IDE is also written in Wx::Perl. Check it out.

Wx (0.93) ****

I like Wx but I am not very satisfied with the documentation.
I am using it in a module of mine. I like the interface , it's easy to use but documentation is lacking and when using Wx in Perl I had some difficulties with the docs that's why now I use online code as a poor-man's replacement for reference or documentation so I will give this module 4 stars because of this problem. When it will be fixed I will update my rating with a better one.
But keep up the good work, I like Wx !

Wx (0.57) *****

GUI framework and widget library.

Better thought of as a cross-platform replacement for Win32::GUI than Tk, this extensive wrapper for the Wx C++ library comes with minimal perldoc, with the real docs being on its website wxperl.sf.net. Hence 5/5 for all but docs.

Wx (0.17) *****

wxPerl bring to Perl the best GUI library, wxWindows, where you can make fast and portable applications. If you use Tk you must try this.

I giv 5 in documentation, since you use the wxWindows docs, not Wx POD, to do everything.

The best way to start with Wx (wxPerl) is going to the wxPerl home: wxperl.sf.net
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