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Win32-Unicode (0.24) ***

I wonder if anyone else uses this module.
The module is certainly interesting, unfortunately, however, it's hard to tell what the author thinks and the purpose of the module because of the rough documentation. Since I'm coincidentally a compatriot of the author, and was able to happily read another annotation written in Japanese as to the module, I can see the author's intention to have written the module. So, I would recommend the author to write the annotation in English.

It seems like the author is unresponsive to the CPAN testers reports, so a star decrease from the three stars.

Taking into account the authors's struggle, the rating is reverted to the three stars, though the documentation is invariably almost a nothing.

Win32-Unicode (0.11) ****

I've long waited for such module to access unicode file names and directory names as simple.

The documentation could be more complete, but there is a very self explaining API.

I will have a deeper test with our perl 5.8.8 and if the findW is better implemented than the original File::Find which only works on the posix API of the perl core which slows down on Samba drives.

Great work!!