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Win32-GuiTest (1.59) *****

best module, very good, automate putty
another code:

#!perl -w
# Create directory in totalcmd with name of date
use strict;
use Win32::GuiTest qw(:ALL);
use Win32::Clipboard;
use POSIX qw(strftime);

my @windows = FindWindowLike( 0, "Total", "" );
die "Could not find Total\n" if not @windows;

SetForegroundWindow( $windows[0] );


sub send_keys {
my $dir=strftime( '%Y%m%d', localtime(time) );
my $CLIP = Win32::Clipboard();








Win32-GuiTest (1.56) *****

This module has helped me so many times by automating a tool installation or software toolset. It's considerably easier to use than WinRunner or other automation suites!

Win32-GuiTest (1.50.3-ad) ****

Pragmatic automation. No, wait, that's a book. Ok, it's also what this module is about.

Win32-GuiTest (1.50.2-ad) *****

This is an extremely useful module for automating tasks on Windows. Especially for programs that don't support OLE/COM.