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UML-Class-Simple (0.19) ***

This is a nice module and easy to install and use but don't expect too much, it doesn't generate real UML class diagrams. I know it's a "*::Simple" CPAN module but I think the output it generates misses absolute must haves.

It will draw classes and their inheritance hierarchy but doesn't draw any of the object-level relationships between classes with directionality and cardinality. These are very important to have in any UML class diagram.

UML-Class-Simple (0.07) *****

Because perl is dynamic and everything can be changed at runtime, I thought it would just be too difficult to do this properly...

But I gave UML::Class::Simple a whirl, and I'm absolutely blown away. The result is phenomenal. To see my last year's work (30,000 lines) represented this way is just incredible.

UML-Class-Simple (0.04) ****

Great module. Dead simple to use, and produces very pretty graphs.