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TimeDate (1.20) *****

This should be renamed the Date::Awesome module. Much, much better than that localtime stuff in core Perl. Date::Parse will parse absolutely anything close to a date string, yet it's smart enough to know to not try to parse, say, times in sentences.

Another excellent Graham Barr module.

TimeDate (1.20) **

Though easy to use and well documented, the functions in Date::Format are a replication of the functions already found in POSIX which is built into perl.

TimeDate (1.16) ****

A generally useful module that covers a range of date formats, with support provided for a number of languages, by sub-class.

The documentation is apparently somewhat out of date: the POD reads as follwos:


will change the language in which all subsequent dates are formatted.

This is only a first pass, I am considering changing this to be

$lang = Date::Language->new('German');

$lang->time2str("%a %b %e %T %Y\n", time);

The methodology considered appears to now be in place, since the object methods described work, and the class method produces:

Can't locate object method "language" via package "Date::Format" ...

Sub-classing to provide support for further languages is a messy business, without suitable docs.

Also be warned that when the module says 'English', it in fact means 'American English.' This should be corrected, since MM/DD/YY is confusing to non-Americans who do not expect it.

The author did not respond to a patch to supply support for Hungarian so it had to be put up by itself.

TimeDate (1.16) ****

Lacks the sweeping scope, and breath taking vision of the DateTime project, but this classic Perl module is still an exemplar of the Perl old guard, and a tool I reach for whenever I need to do some quick date hacking. perl -MDate::Parse -MDate::Format -e 'print time2str("%C", str2time($mydate))', is a oneliner I reach for over and over.

TimeDate (1.16) *****

This is my favorite date distribution. Old faithful. It can handle most date formats I throw at it, it can format it any way I want, and it isn't very slow.