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Text-BibTeX (0.45) ****

Can anyone who has install problems please post to the bug tracker or forum? I and the maintainer have done a lot of work recently on improving Text::BibTeX and aspects of the btparse library and would like to address any issues people have with it. The last two reviews don't say what their issues were.

Text-BibTeX (0.44) *

I agree with the previous reviewer. The package is unfortunately broken and it won't install. I suggest using version 0.34. If you wonder how to install a specific version using CPAN (that defaults to the last version in the tree), you could use the following command from the cpan shell:
cpan> install G/GW/GWARD/Text-BibTeX-0.34.tar.gz

Text-BibTeX (0.43) **

Broken after switching to a new maintainer: "I am sorry for all other languages that might be using this library [btparse]. For them my suggestion is that they make Text::BibTeX as a dependency." Use version 0.34 to get the working version.

Text-BibTeX (0.36) ****

I've used this for a project to generate BibTeX entries from a list of publications. It seems to work quite well.

But it doesn't seem to do any escaping of characters (perhaps I need to RT*M a bit more?). I also needed to convert the author list from comma-separated string to "and" separated. Not a big deal, but this is probably a common task that a module with utility functions would be helpful.

I also wish there was a "Simple" interface for generating "regular" BibTeX entries based on a hash.

Still, it saved me from writing code to generate or parse BibTeX.