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Test-Differences (0.500) *****

A excellent module for debugging failing tests with complex data structures.

In case you haven't seen the Test::Differences output have a look at the examples in the docs.

This module is a genuine time saver.

Test-Differences (0.4801) *****

The only reason I used Test instead of Test::More was the automatic diff on multiline strings that Test did. Yet, Test::Differences provides that feature in a much better format: the differences are shown side-by-side, which is easier to see compared to the list of "-/+" pairs displayed by Test.

I haven't used other methods than eq_or_diff, but that one was extremely straightforward and easy to use.

Test-Differences (0.47) ****

A real lifesaver the few occations when you have two large pieces of text that don't match and you need to find out exactly how.

I especially like the way newlines is indicated as \n in the diff. That, and other convenient touches, makes this module stand out.