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Task-BeLike-RJBS (20091129.000) *****

RJBS is a fabulous programmer and human being. Not only the Perl community but the entire world would be better off if more people could be like RJBS. This excellent distribution provides a nicely categorized list of CPAN distributions that every serious Perl programmer should consider having in their toolboxes. Plus, as a Task module, it lets you install them all easily.

Task-BeLike-RJBS (1.001) *****

The first time I saw RJBS, from across the room at YAPC, I knew right then an there, I wanted to be like RJBS. His wonderful Cmd of all things App, his ability to Mixin all the ExtraFields, the powerful way in which he Exported and Installed Subs and of course his overwhelming Rubric-ness.

And now, all this too can be yours (and mine), with just a simple command at your cpan prompt!

(oh yeah, and ++ cause this also installs Moose too)
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