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Sys-Filesystem (1.23) ***

This has been useful to me for working with mounts and detecting filesystem stuff.
The API is a little convoluted. But I am glad this module at least is here. Very useful.

Sys-Filesystem (1.22) **

1. There are no example files.
It would be very useful to have an example/ subdirectory with files that use Sys::Filesystem to mimic 'mount' and 'df'

2. There is no support (yet) for HP-UX
Yes, it's on the TODO list, but as this is my major working environment, it is missing.

3. The documentation is wrong on more than one level
# Method 3 (nice but naughty)
my @filesystems = Sys::Filesystem->filesystems ();

Can't use string ("Sys::Filesystem") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.7/Sys/ line 118.

and the obvious change to
my @filesystems = Sys::Filesystem::filesystems ();

Odd number of elements passed when even number was expected at line 8

This module has potential value, but is not really useful in this version.

Sys-Filesystem (1.18) **

The documentation is wrong: it gives an error when you give the "regular" option to the filesystems() method.

The options are disjunctive instead of conjunctive: I want a list of mounted (and) regular filesystems, but I get a list of filesystems that are either mounted or regular. Once I have a list of filesystems, there's no way to query each object in the list to see if it's mounted or regular.

So it's of limited usage.