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Sub-Mage (0.016)

Since the first release, there are 13 subsequent releases in total. What are the changes between releases? No idea, the author doesn't bother to update Changes (and no public repo is listed). Apparently all his other modules are also like this. Not very user-friendly.

UPDATE 2011-11-22: I see that this has been rectified by the author, there is now Changes entry for each new release. Cool, thanks.

Sub-Mage (0.007) ****

Would be better without the silly name, silly sub names, and silly section names. But, I guess, Authors are also allowed to be in a playing mood.

Practical sugar to manipulate sub override. The ability to simply restore the old sub, override methods, have before and after hooks is ... practical.

I also liked the possibility to add a before-hook to all the subs in a package by using __PACKAGE__->sub_alert;