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Statistics-Descriptive (2.7)

Note that since changing maintainers, this module has gone the way of "best practices" code shuffling while not improving functionality. 2.6 was the last feature-related release.

Statistics-Descriptive (2.6) ****

Easy to use, very complete for general tasks, and works exactly as documented.

There seems not to have been an update since 2002, which hasn't been a problem for me, but there's a handful of issues in the bug tracker that probably ought to be looked into.

Statistics-Descriptive (2.6) *****

This module worked as advertised and the documentation is well organized and easy to follow. I was very glad that this module is totally object oriented.

Statistics-Descriptive (2.6) *****

this is a great little module. good interface and a reasonable assortment of statistics. we use it regularly in both offline and online scripts and have not had any issues.

Statistics-Descriptive (2.6) ****

This is a very easy-to-use module to show some basic statistics on some data. It's worth using rather than "rolling your own", even on a one-off script.