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Spiffy (0.32) *

The combination of auto-exports, black magic and clearly named functions like ZZZ , YYY and so on makes this the perfect package to encourage writing 90s style unintentionally obfuscated code.

So unless you fancy a trip down the memory lane, do not use this.

Also, try to avoid anything that uses it (yes, that includes Test::Base and YAML) as the first time you will probably hear from this module will be when it breaks your build.

Spiffy (0.30) *

Whyyyyyy? And again, YAML depends on it... It makes me itchy.

Spiffy (0.26) *

After installing the latest version of YAML into our QA server, apache would no longer start, complaining of:-

"Spiffy.pm must be loaded before calling 'use base' or 'use mixin' with a Spiffy module. See the documentation of Spiffy.pm for details."

Not a pleasing discovery. Production code (non Acme) shouldn't be changing the way that base.pm works!