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SOAP-WSDL (2.00.10) ****

The way to actually use this Module is given in the SOAP::WSDL::Manual.

Without that, good luck figuring it out. With that, it is much less difficult figuring this out. I was sending SOAP requests and getting responses about 2 hours after I read SOAP::WSDL::Manual.

perldoc SOAP::WSDL::Manual

This is true for modern versions, and 2.00.10, which is what's on my RHEL5 boxen.

SOAP-WSDL (3.003) **

This project has a lot of work to be done.
Documentation is still difficult to follow.
The interface is somehow confusing.
It is not clear if the project is hosted on SourceForge or Github, so it is difficult to submit a issue.
Also, there are a lot of no answered issues in
You definitely want to look for XML::Compile::SOAP for a Perl solution with you need to build/consume SOAP web services.

SOAP-WSDL (2.00.10) *

Poor documentation, I can't figure out how to use it. Needs some examples!
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