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Rose-DB (0.733) *****

Nice abstraction for handling database handles. Being able to register multiple DBHs for live/testing/etc. is a boon.

Rose-DB (0.727)

This is the first review I've ever written without actually having used the module.

I just wanted to mention that while doing some reading on a flight, I came across two recommendations for using Rose::DB in two different Oct 06 Linux magazines, Linux Magazine and Linux Pro Magazine. In the Linux Magazine article, Randal Shwartz (Merlyn on Perl Monks) says about Rose::DB both that it's "heavenly sent" and when seeing its performance "my jaw dropped". He also gives some nice history on CDBI and mentions DBIC. Looks like he's planning on writing a second article about Rose::DB in next month's issue.

In the second article, in Linux Pro Magazine, Michael Schilli, a software developer at Yahoo, writes "You may remember me talking about Class::DBI, but just recently a new, and far more exciting framework was released: Rose."

Given that there are no ratings for Rose::DB currently, I thought I should mention these two articles.