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Readonly (1.04) *

Breaks code depending on Readonly::XS.

Readonly (1.03) ***

Does what it says but hash and array support causes noticeable slowdowns in tight loops.

Consider using Const::Fast instead which has a lower performance impact.

Readonly (1.03) *****

Learned about this via Perl Best Practices and I've been using it reflexively since then. Small, simple, does what it says.

Readonly (1.03)

An alternative to this is authors/id/S/ST/STBEY/Internals-1.1.tar.gz.
More low-level, more freedom, more fine-grained control, but also more hassle and more dangerous.

Readonly (1.03) *****

Very nice. use constant was a real pain. The best tip in PBP.

install Readonly::XS if you can.


Readonly (1.03) ****

This is a really nice way to declare constants. I was turned onto it by Damian Conway via Perl Best Practices.