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Prima (1.36) *****

The first graphical toolkit for Linux that makes sense, is well though out, and intuitive to use. Well done.

Prima (1.29) *****

If you insist on doing The Next Big Thing in Perl, go ahead and plow through wx, Gtk2, FLTK, or even Tk. Like many folks, I've no time (or skill) to dig deeper, so I'll leave expert judgement to the experts, but if you have a "Perlish job" to do, (i.e. it needs to be done before lunch), look no further. Laziness, impatience, and hubris, (and the genius required to instantiate them simultaneously), are all here. Highly recommended.

Prima (1.18)

Excellent. The VB form designer is brilliant. It has the basic functionality of a RAD, but without long waits to test a gui

Prima (1.31) *****

Excellent idea.

I've been looking for this very long. There is a little threashold mainly due to the documentation that needs some serious work to be usable; it works fine as a reference though.

I didn't get the feeling I was using an alien module but something part of Perl.

I hope this module will gain popularity as it deserves it.

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