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Pithub (0.01030) *****

A thoroughly-documented module with a nice interface that did the job.

However, I did spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to not have to set user/repo values on each object, as well as how to set the OAuth token.

Turns out those are documented in the Pithub::Base module and not the distro's main Pithub module, so be sure to read the docs of that.

Pithub (0.01027) *****

[Disclosure: I patched and released version 0.01027]

A very complete, consistent interface to the Github API without too much sugar gumming things up. It works well with Github pagination and provides ample access to the HTTP layer for debugging and error handling (for example, you can check for a 404 code rather than parsing a "not found" message). If any API call is missing you can easily write your own request.

Version 0.01027 introduces support for request caching (aka "conditional requests") to reduce API calls on the same resource.

Pithub (0.01018) *****

Useful module to interact with the Github API, well structured, written, and documented. I really like the auto_pagination feature!