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PAR (0.90) *****

I use PAR very often, because I have clients using Windows machines where they cannot install Perl. With PAR I can develop the applications on my own machine and deploy them to the clients' machine.

The documentation is very good and helped me several times.

PAR (0.90)

As the author of PAR, I can't really give unbiased opinions; but I'd like to think that while ease-of-use still may need a bit of work, it has been been very useful for myself. Thanks to all the contributors for making it happen!

PAR (0.90) *****

I needed to get a script running on someone else's mac and couldn't be bothered to install the developer CD and then the modules I needed, so I use PAR and it just worked! - This is a fantastic module if you are distributing code - wish I'd know about it sooner.

PAR (0.90)

No comment, just a request that this module refer to the App::Packer::* suite and perhaps even does a comparison/benchmark...?

PAR (0.73) *****

it's just incredible useful :-)

PAR (0.92)

(Update: I have since picked up PAR as a maintainer and thus removed the rating. I'm keeping the old text as it still applies to Audrey's work!)

Audrey did a good job with PAR. It's great!

Personally, I have been waiting for something along the lines of perlapp/perl2exe (or perhaps even a working perlcc) to be released as open source. PAR exceeded my expectations in that it is much more flexible and powerful than I would have dreamed.