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Net-Twitter-Lite (0.12004) ***

Overall, it works well and does so without the overhead of Moose. My only gripe: the use of 'use parent'. There is nothing in this module that requires the use of 'use parent' over 'use base'. As such, this is an example of change for the sake of change rather than change for the sake of necessity. Many of us do not have control over when we can upgrade to a later version of Perl. Were 'use base' used instead, I'd give it straight 5's.

Net-Twitter-Lite (0.10003) *****

It's easy to use.

I have a question. update_profile_image/update_profile_background_image works well?

Net-Twitter-Lite (0.08006) *****

An excellent light-weight interface for Twitter. I was able to use this to set up a working Twitter OAuth signin for our website in very little time. Much appreciation to the author for providing both the heavy-duty Net::Twitter and this lighter version, which was easy to integrate into our system without dealing with long dependency chains.

The documentation contains 95% of what you need to know, and a glance at the examples directory provides the rest.

Net-Twitter-Lite (0.08005) *****

Does exactly what the documentation says: provides easy access to some twitter functionality, with only few dependencies.