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Net-Server (0.99) ***

A good package that makes it very easy to setup standard server configurations.

The only big drawback is that Net::Server takes control of child processes. If you write appplications that need to fork() themselves and that depend on wait()ing for child processes, then things get really hard.

Net-Server (0.97) *****

A great module, it just takes so many headaches away when you need to write a daemonized application. The personalities and hooks are both really good features, easy to use, and work well. Highly recommended.

Net-Server (0.93) **

So sorry, this isn't ready for prime time. Too many inconsistencies between docs and reality. Forgo the docs for now. Author should have just provided some working examples using all the features and not even bothered with the docs. Too bad. Also the assertion that IO::Socket::SSL can only handle one connection seems to be wrong.

Net-Server (0.86) *****

My application is a stand-alone Perl web server. I want something that will handle moderate transaction volumes (<10 requests/second). I have used Apache up until now but want a stand-alone server because Apache is too unwieldy to deploy on my customers' machines. My strategy was to re-use HTTP::Daemon::ClientConn in a roll-your-own socket server.

I think there are way too many nuances to getting a UNIX TCP/IP forking server right for rolling your own to make sense. It's also a bitch to test; you have to wait for kind-hearted users to email you. (Maybe you could use mock objects but mocking a UNIX process environment and sockets is more than I can take on at the moment.)

Net::Server takes care of all this for you in a nice re-usable framework. It uses personalities so you can have forking and pre-forking servers. They have lots of nice features such as HUPability and logging. There are other personalities I haven't checked out.

It would be better if it had a mailing list where people can help each other out and suggest improvements though.

For anybody else considering POE, I looked at it, but I prefer something that forks because of the better fault isolation a seperate address space provides. I need something that won't leak memory or segfault if I leave it for a few weeks, and fork is the way to go for that (IMO).

Net-Server (0.85) *****

Is just the best and easiest way to make servers on Perl. Forgot IO::Socket, IO::Select and fork(), just use Net::Server. ;-P
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