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Net-SFTP-Foreign (1.75) *****

I have been using this module for a long time in different projects for clients and it has always worked like a charm. The interface very perlish, the module is actively maintained and the author is very responsive. Very recommended!

Net-SFTP-Foreign (1.55) *****

Thanks for the great module! Very easy to implement and well documented. I had too many dependency problems with Net::SFTP that couldn't be resolved (running under cygwin) without a lot of work, and this fit the bill nicely.


Net-SFTP-Foreign (1.55) *****

Perfectly meets all our SFTP-ing needs. Well documented, good interface including a Net::SFTP compatibility mode, actively maintained. Preferable in most environments to Net::SFTP (and the documentation even includes a section on pros and cons!).

Net-SFTP-Foreign (1.47) *****

Easy to use module, just stumbled a bit on the right option to pass to the constructor for use with ssh -s sftp:
more => [ -o => 'StrictHostKeyChecking=no' ]
Might seem obvious but since Expect hides things a bit, I could not see it at first (IIRC).
The module is great, interface is simple to use, more (much more) reliable than any other SSH/SFTP module I tried, and the developer is wonderfully kind and reactive.
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