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Net-FullAuto (1.0000291) *

It is dangerous to use this module.

Net-FullAuto (0.999999999994) *

This module should be avoided by all. Personally, I suspect its use will cause damage either due to author's incompetence or malicious intent.

The pod reads like a bad Infomercial: "IT REALLY IS THAT EASY!", "Net::FullAuto is POWERFUL", "Net::FullAuto is the ANSWER!"

It barely describes what the module does, and according to the extensive RT#100658 (titled "documentation lies") the module performs many security-sensitive tasks, yet they are undocumented and the unmaintainable mess of the code essentially guarantees there are droves of bugs. Furthermore, the output (according to the docs) of the script that uses this module is litered with unwanted messages like "Starting fullauto" and asking the user for additional passwords, which limits the use of this code as a Perl module.

The author doesn't use conventional Perl distribution tools and seems to be manually hacking Makefile.PL, which, at the time of this writing, is 6319 lines long. The code is trying to guess OS in use and then installs a bunch of software using system package manager (e.g. sudo yum -y install 'openssl-devel'). Due to issues, the author also disabled CPAN TESTERS service on the module.

The installation asks for sudo password for no explained reason (RT#97421).

Looking at the files inside the distro, there are lots of puzzling examples: UNINSTALL_CYGWIN, install_mozrepl_plugin.ahk, a directory with 75 figlet fonts! What are those doing in a Perl CPAN distribution? The code is a huge mess and even the author says it isn't really meant to be understood by merely perusing it (RT#100658).

The author also frequently uploads null updates to CPAN, presumably to gain exposure to the module, thanks to CPAN update services. The current version number is a ridiculously long sequence of 9s and the 7-year old Changelog contains 2278 lines!

In summation, this distribution does not adhere to accepted CPAN standards, the code is in poor state and works with security/system sensitive aspects, which makes the code dangerous to use.

Avoid at all costs. Don't even install for curiosity.

Net-FullAuto (0.9999999999_001) *

Continuously spams CPAN update services like the IRC bots and RSS feeds with multiple null updates every day. All functionality is in one giant script. Rambling documentation full of SHOUTY ALL CAPS sections that conforms to no comprehensible format. Recommends installing itself as setuid.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but don't even consider touching this with a bargepole.

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