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Moops (0.031) ****

I've been using Moops for my own tools for some time now. While not necessarily suitable for libraries you are uploading to CPAN it makes application development much more pleasant.

If you find your self using things like: Moo/Moose, Moo..::Types, Method::Signatures, Try::Tiny then this will fit your workflow and save you a lot of boiler-plate.

Documentation is good. Occasionally a syntax error will result in a confusing eval-based error message but apart from that it's all good!

If you experience any problems installing, check your version of "Import::Into" - my Debian-packaged one seemed to cause problems that an update fixed. Probably a non-problem by the time you read this.

Moops (0.019) *****

A nice, modern approach to easy class building via arbitrary combinations of Moo/Moose/Mouse/Class::Tiny.

Lots of useful features are available to new classes right out of the box, such as Function::Parameters, Type::Tiny, Try::Tiny, etc.