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Math-TrulyRandom (1.0) ***

For the reviewers who are too lazy to read the fine source:

* This software seems to work well (at 16 bits per truerand() call) on

* a Sun Sparc-20 under SunOS 4.1.3 and on a P100 under BSDI 2.0. You're

* on your own elsewhere.

When used on the specified hardware and OS combinations (and even some of their descendants), this module works as advertised.

Math-TrulyRandom (1.0)

Not rating.
May I say, I'm not in a good frame of mind, for the author of this module, who passed away before, is being humiliated posthumously.
Surely the criticism of the module is one thing, and the condition of the author another. However, I wonder if you won't become tolerant, taking account of the dead.

Math-TrulyRandom (1.0) *

Same problem, loops in test on a 64-bit OS/X machine. Failing tests on a standard platform is enough to not use.

Math-TrulyRandom (1.0) *

I can't get it to install. just spins (for hours) in truly_random_value() on my AMD64 machine. Bit rot?
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