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Markdown-Pod (0.002) **

I use Markdown::Pod for my module Perinci::To::POD.

This module does not output proper POD for many (not so) edge cases, like:

`>` and the likes are not yet escaped, producing C<>> when it should have been C<< > >> or C<E<gt>>.

Ordered list numbering does not yet work, e.g. "2. ...\n3. ...\n" produces "=item 1. ... =item 1. ..."

Ordered list with item numbered other than 1 does not work (see above). This should be supported in POD because POD allows us to write the bullets/numbers for each item.

Inline markup is not smart enough to differentiate word_with_underscore. So "foo_bar and foo_baz" becomes "fooI<bar and foo>baz".

Plus it segfaults sometimes (might be my perl though).