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Mail-Sender-Easy (v0.0.5) *****

This module is drop dead simple to use and you can have it working immediately using the documentation examples. Now that we're being told not to use MIME::Lite, there are a handful of modules that offer to replace it. Unfortunately, without naming names, these replacements lack ease of use and require more code than MIME::Lite did. Mail::Sender::Easy gets us back to where we want to be-- very simple, yet powerful emailing with support for attachments of all kinds, and HTML email.

Mail-Sender-Easy (v0.0.3) ****

The simplest yet interface to e-mail, based on Mail::Sender. Does better error checking/reporting than Mail::Sender, in less lines, which can be useful for debugging.

The author has fixed the platform-dependency bugs from earlier versions.

Mail-Sender-Easy (v0.0.1) *****

This module made it very easy (no pun intended) to work with Mail::Sender. I had Mail::Sender working, but could not figure out why I got a null error message with Eudora. Once I used Mail::Sender::Easy the error went away.