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Mail-Sender (0.8.13) *****

Beautifully easy to use; easy to install anywhere. The best day-to-day mail sender module.

If you have never before sent e-mail with perl, copy-and-paste the examples from the POD and you'll be up in minutes.

Mail-Sender (0.8.10) *****

This is a fantastic perl module. It is a cornerstone piece of software in the Inventory Management Automation for CIBA Vision. It is easy and robust. It's also very easy to install since it's totally Perl.

I love it.

Mail-Sender (0.8.10) *****

Ecellent package - no need to do the open("| /usr/lib/sendmail -t") thing ever again.

And if you want to send cool HTML mail with text alternative, no problem, this module takes care for everything!

Mail-Sender (0.8.10) *****

Provides a simple, easy way to incorporate smtp functionality in your application, with reasonable error trapping.

Mail-Sender (0.8.06) *****

does everything I've ever wanted a mailer-type interface to do, and it's very easy to use.