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LaTeX-TikZ (0.02) *****

When Vincent first told me that he was working on writing a Perl module for generating TikZ, I was very excited as I had myself been generating a lot of graphics using it. By the time he finished a first version that he felt comfortable releasing to the public, my heaviest uses of TikZ had passed, so I only ever got the chance to play with the module a little.

Just recently, I had the opportunity to use it for generating math challenges for my fiancée, who is a teacher: Picture a little maze full of numbers and the kids' task is to find a way to the exit that adds up to certain total. With LaTeX::TikZ, after learning how the module works, it was almost too trivial to write a program that would generate arbitrary numbers of maze problems.

As with all Vincent Pit code, this is a well written and thought out piece of software. Can't recommend it more highly!