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Inline-Files (0.62) *****

Inline::Files is really cool: it extends the __DATA__ concept to
other names. You can then have a __FOO__ section, and a __BAR__
section, that you will access just like you would access the
__DATA__section: through the FOO and BAR filehandles.

The filehandles can even be opened in write mode, and, provided your code has write access to itself, it will just update the data in the proper section (you might want to use the "backup" option though, just in case something goes wrong in your code ;--)

I really like Inline::Files because it lets me package data with my code, even when I would need several files: CGI scripts can include the associated templates, test files can include the test data, DB management code can include the database definition... This is a much nicer alternative to heredocs.