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IPC-Run3 (0.046)

I don't use this module any more because of unfixed bugs with UTF-8 handling.

IPC-Run3 (0.034) *****

This Just Works. Everywhere.

This is pretty much THE standard basic way to lunch a system command, with or without input, with or without output and error.

While it's not quite so obvious and useful for things need interactive and Expect-like behaviour, for any command that goes to the system and doesn't need to be interactive this is almost always what you want to be using.

IPC-Run3 (0.030) ****

Incredibly useful! Despite the incomplete documentation, the interface is intuitive enough to make basic usage possible. I found it very handy for testing perl scripts, as it transparently feeds/captures STDIN and STDOUT from scalars and just works on both Linux and Win32. Still, I wish the documentation were improved as it seems to offer much more than I've managed to puzzle out so far.