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HTTP-WebTest (2.04) *****

Powerful and extendable web page/app/site testing suite. Although not complex, it is quite involved, and so is perhaps not suiteable for a quick-and-dirty testing. I thought about knocking a point off for its not outputting Test::Harness-compatible output by default, but then it is not in the Test namesapce, and it can output in the more "traditional" style when requested.

HTTP-WebTest (2.04) ****

A very useful module, Documentation part can be improved.
The design of the module is good and easily extensible.
Thanks for such a module on CPAN.


HTTP-WebTest (2.04) *****

Test website testing tool I have found, not partial for gui's
for this purpose and commercial tools not interesting for us

This let us build automated testers for >2000 web sites

HTTP-WebTest (2.03) *****

HTTP::WebTest is an excellent choice if you are looking for a flexible end-to-end web(-site/-application) test suite.

The numerous modules give you a rich suite of test possibilities, which are scriptable from a simple test script language.

Advanced tests can be written by embedding perl code in test scripts or choosing one of the many extra test plugins.

All this flexibility comes at the price of not being very fast, but that hardly counts for most monitoring applications I can think of.

See HTTP::WebTest::Cookbook for a quick start!