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HTTP-Size (0.91) ****

I needed to find the size of a web page, with images included. So I searched for HTML::Size on CPAN. A bad choice on my part, but nonetheless I saw what I really needed (this module), about half way down the page.

I installed it, and it works. It works perfectly. The testers page shows a number of failures for the module. It insists on trying to do some tests on pages out on the internet and if you're firewalled or proxied off the net that's not going to work. I suspect that's what the failures represent.

The test suite should test against a locally-bundled set of files, and only if the person installing the module specifically asks to test net resources should it do so. If that were the case I would raise the Ease of Use ranking I gave it.

All in all, a very nice module that does the job it sets out to do very well.