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HTML-FormFu (0.09005) **

The goal is to separate HTML from Perl code. The goal is not to replace HTML code (in this case HTML form code) with more Perl code.

I cannot recommend the use of the module as you are adding another stack to the learning curve while simply moving your problem domain to another corner of the room. (Like playing non-stop wack-a-mole.)

Instead, consider solutions that use Templating components instead.

HTML-FormFu (0.09003) ****

Module works well and is flexible. It works great for the simple direct CRUD cases (used together with HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC) and also for dynamically generated forms. The mutability of the form object allows building up and modifying a form in nice ways. Custom elements, inflators, and deflators are easy (had to get rid of that 3-field date element - yuck).

Would love to see links or examples for JavaScript handling of repeatable blocks.

I'm on my first project using this module, and have been using it for a couple weeks, so am still in the "new user" category. I chose this module over various others because it inspired confidence that it was flexible enough to do what I needed (and it is/does). I gave a "4" rating based on new user experience - it all works, but a lot of trial and error was involved. Documentation and interface are not entirely intuitive to me. New users should expect some learning curve. I have not yet run into significant limitations in design (and I don't expect any). Most things seem documented, but not always in the first place I look - also, I did need to peek at tests and source code a couple times for proper understanding.

Conclusion: Simple things are simple, hard things are possible, and much less HTML in my templates.

HTML-FormFu (0.05001) *****

Switched to HTML::FormFu from CGI::FormBuilder.

Great module if you do projects with Catalyst and DBIx::Class.

HTML-FormFu (0.05001)

I am desperately looking for something that I can call better than CGI::FormBuilder. So far I haven't found it. FormFu looks powerful & promising but the documentation appears to be designed to confuse. I'd be happy to help in this respect if I can decide whether the package is going to work for me.

99% of my forms are generated dynamically based on database queries - meaning dynamic checkboxes, select data, text boxes etc. All this is trivial with FormBuilder.

I don't need or want to work with YAML.

HTML-FormFu (0.05001) ****

HTML-FormFu is likely the best way to manage forms in Perl as of today. Handling form creation, validation and refill is a real pain, and this module helps its easing a lot.

The documentation, coming from HTML-Widget, needs some improving even though there's a nice cookbook.

HTML-FormFu (0.05001) ****

The documentation needs improvement, certainly, but FormFu itself is quite powerful. is a quick start guide.

HTML-FormFu (0.05001) ***

The documentation is really bad. I am finding it nearly impossible to do anything non-trivial because of the documentation.