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Gtk-Perl (0.7009) *

Don’t bother with this distribution. (Don’t bother reviewing it either.) It contains unfinished Perl bindings for an obsolete GUI toolkit whose last release was almost 8 years ago. (gtk+ 1.2.10, April 2001)

If you think you want this module, you are actually looking for the project which has produced bindings to the current universe of GNOME libraries with gtk+ 2.x at the centre. The project’s products are available from CPAN as the GLib and Gtk2 distributions (along with ExtUtils::Depends and ::PkgConfig), plus a plethora of additional bindings such as Gnome2, Gtk2::GladeXML, Gnome2::GConf, Cairo, GStreamer and Gtk2::WebKit.

These aren’t the droids you are looking for. Move along… move along.

Gtk-Perl (0.7009) *

No documentation except a README and some POD for the color selection button.
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