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Git-Raw (0.73) *****

I have used Git::Raw when implementing a backend for Git::Database. While doing this, I only used a very limited subset of the library, somewhat "close to the machine". Therefore, this review does not reflect the state of the whole library interface, only the limited subset that I needed.

I found the interface with many similar but different classes (Git::Raw::Object, Git::Raw::Odb::Object, the various Git::Raw::{Commit,Blob,Tree,Tag}, etc) a little cumbersome. The documentation is terse, but nicely complemented by the libgit2 documentation, so I never really needed it.

The support for libgit2 is not complete, but the current maintainer (JACQUESG) is a joy to work with: he was so very responsive, that my requests for features were usually implemented within the day. An unsupported libgit2 function is not a defect: it's an opportunity to see him at work.

Git-Raw (0.20) *****

It's easy to use library without using command line git utility. Enough to fast due to libgit2 and really easy to use like other Perl module. I think document and example are needed but test code is good point to start. I really recommend this module if you have to handle git repository directly! :-)

Git-Raw (0.04) *****

On the top of my list of things to try. Using git in scripts all the time, I'd rather get something more usable than a screen dump to parse.