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Getopt-Euclid (v0.1.0) ****

Required Options

Doesn't handle 'at least one' for required - it's all or nothing

Problems with formatting

When using --man|less, dumps pod and not formatted man page.

Exposing the argument structure in printed help/usage/man is

non-standard; this has the affect of being confusing to the



-d, --dimension=<h>x<w>

This is more straightforward than [-]-d[imension].

It may be useful to subclass Euclid for this purpose, e.g.


Argument Structure

You have to have rather square-brackety expressions to get double

dashes and optional ='s.

Useful Configurations

Use variable names instead of %ARGV

You can do use Getopt::Euclid qw( :vars(opt_) ); to have named

variables rather than access %ARGV.

Fewer names for variables

You can do use Getopt::Euclid qw( :minimal_keys ); to not create 'aliases' for every allowable permutation of the switch.

Getopt-Euclid (v0.0.7) *****

With the 0.0.7 release Getopt::Euclid has come-of-age.

The new :vars mode lets you use it in a way that's more familiar to users of traditional Getopt modules (individual option variables and 'use strict' checking of option usage) while still making it trivially easy to add powerful command line processing just by documenting what you want in pod.