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GDGraph (1.44) *****

I've used GD::Graph on a number of projects where complex plotting was required and it is great. It has a large number of configuration options to allow you to design the exact graph or plot that you need which is very important in this space and the documented "experimental" hotspot features I've used successfully and find extremely useful!

Let's keep development of this module going you have a lot of happy users!

GDGraph (1.44) *****

I'm using GD::Graph since 6 years. Over the years I tried other graph moduls but ever falling back to GD::Graph. Until today it's still the best one to create graphs - IMHO.

For this great work it's worth to give another 5 stars!

GDGraph (1.44) *****

It is a simple, easy module to create graphs with all the features you would need. Two minor gripes:

- the graphs generated with the default themes are a tad ugly, so you should definitely customize it
- (probably not much the maintainer can do) but the PPM repositories for people in Windows land contain a slightly outdated version, which is missing some features (like getting the list of image feature coordinates to create image-maps)

GDGraph (1.44) *****

This is one of those modules that delivers. It does what is says it does with a clear interface, some decent examples, and a perlish way of doing things which means if you are a beginner this is still easy to use. If you are looking for a simple way to graph some info, perhaps for a web site, or for a report, you can do a lot worse that spend a little time with this module.

GDGraph (1.4308) ****

I have been using GD::Graph since it was released. It is clearly written, has a wide variety of chart types available either in the bsae distribution or on CPAN. It is very simple to use, and although the docs do not contain a clear Synopsis section, they do contain a clear tutorial and many tests/examples/demos.

Aesthetics are by definition subjective, and although GD::Graph can have most of its components adjusted (from colouring to spacing to fonts), it would benefit from a wider variety of styles in the tests/examples/demos.

GDGraph (1.43) *****

Excellent module.

Versatile and easy to use.

Note that if using GD::Graph::hbars then the hotspots array (x, y) coordinates need to be transposed if you plan to use them in an <AREA> tag (or similar).

GDGraph (1.43) *****

Excellent job!!!

GDGraph (1.43) *****

4 months into Perl, these modules are easy to use and look great!
On redhat 9 i had to upgrade my version on gd before perl gdgraph would complie....

GDGraph (1.43) *****

Great stuff. I use it in computational web apps.
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