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Food-ECodes (0.06) ****

if you ever wondered what 'E101' or 'E621' or, worse, 'E701' additives in your food are, you now have a perl module to help you find out.

I belive that sub get_status should return something else than HALAL,HARAM or SUSPECTED or be named get_halal_status. And continuing in with this sub, a mechanism to include other faith, preference, etc.. should be provided. Like all databases, which is what this module is for the most, a mechanism to validate, update the db would be a nice.

The same goes for EU approved and US approved, wouldn't it be better to get where it is approved instead for adding a specialized interface for each country that gets added?

I would have liked a command line script, maybe in the next version

A bit unexpected code that goes through classification to check if a nomenclature exists when a simple lookup would suffice or at least avoid writing the same code for all the subs by factoring it.