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Finance-OFX-Parse-Simple (0.06) *****

You can make it work for credit card accounts by changing line 100 to this:

while ($ofx =~ m!(<C{0,2}STMTTRNRS>(.+?)</C{0,2}STMTTRNRS>)!sg)

Thank you very much for a nice module.


Finance-OFX-Parse-Simple (0.02)

Version 0.03 of Finance::OFX::Parse::Simple, released April 2010, includes parsing for TRNTYPE and CHECKNUM, as suggested. Thanks!

Finance-OFX-Parse-Simple (0.02) **

It's a little TOO simple: It doesn't pull out CHECKNUM or TRNTYPE, so it's of no use to me. (Finance::OFX::Parse is currently not working for me in OS X so I thought I'd try this instead.)