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ExtUtils-AutoInstall (0.63) *****


Just thought I'd try to help balance out the score a bit. I didn't see the older version so no comment really on that, but this module has become a core part of all my development workflows for the past two years, to my great help. Using Makefile.PL and "make installdeps" has become the standard best practice for all the communities projects I work on, such as Catalyst, DBIC and Moose. It's made my internal use only code better and improves all my development processes. This is a key component in the Modern Perl toolchain. If you are not using it, there's a good chance you are not properly managing your dependencies

ExtUtils-AutoInstall (0.57)

Disclaimer: I'm the author of this module.

I'd like to thank Sam for pointing out my error in documentation;
version 0.58 has just been released, and the POD has been cleaned
up quite a bit. And Sam has joined the AUTHORS file for his
excellent advices. :-)

ExtUtils-AutoInstall (0.57) *

Is this a module or an entry in an obfuscated Perl content? The documentation suggests I paste a giant block of space-compressed code filled with system() calls using 'sudo' directly into my module's Makefile.PL. Nowhere does it describe exactly what this code will do, and it appears that the code was designed to defeat the casual reader.