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Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.81) *****

I use this distribution all the time. I use it as a truly fantastic bridge between the geek and non-geek worlds. In my opinion, there are MUCH better ways of visualizing and distributing information than Excel - however my upper management does not think so, and let's face it that is all that matters. While I can get VBA to work, I'd much rather do my heavy processing in something like Perl and then spit out the resultant work in Excel. I am truly grateful to the author!

Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.81) *****

This is a great module I use very often in my daily work to wrangle large amounts of data into a spreadsheet for easier analysis by myself and my management. The interface is well defined, the documentation is very thorough, I had no trouble in picking this up and putting it to use. Huge debt of gratitude to John for developing and maintaining this for the community to use, it is immensely valuable.

Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.76) *****

Thank You!

It's very usefull!

my file that contains up to 500k strings log file
5 sec and i get the xlsx file (just pentium 4 1core, i think on core3 or higher it will be fastest)
over ~~ 30 sheets (by circle or recursion)
over ~~ 50 col on each other (by circle or recursion)
over ~~ 5000 row on each other (by circle or recursion)
merge on the top
and freeze left and top
paint the label of the sheets
paint the cols
paint all of all!)) even border!
possible to formulas
Very great module! (my code is 130 strings code)

documentation is super the highest! it's like see below => (c) 5 minutes and it's ready

i'm repeating, sorry for my english, i hope u understand me)

very useful module, my work is easy now)
my head(top-brass) use the windows :-(
but i don't know it
i do it by linux, perl 5-14, and your GREAT JOB now))

Sergey, Russia

Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.55) *****

An outstanding example of clean interface, well-written documentation (not verbose, but just right), rich set of well-chosen examples, and superb responsiveness to issues.

Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.48) *****

Really one of the most useful modules I have every compiled. Compiled no issues on very old HPUX PA-RISC, newer IA64 and RHEL X86_64. Super documentation and loved I could just drop it in for replacement of Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.

Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.46) *****

I have been using the great Spreadsheet::WriteExcel for years. But now I ran into the problem of the old XLS binary format being limited to 64K rows per worksheet so I searched CPAN, found this module and was overwhelmed by it having the same API. And it worked out-of-the-box, saving me a lot of time.

It's really worth a donation!

Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.40) *****

We've been using this to produce xlsx files on Linux with great success.
Excel users are happy, we are happy too!

Thanks John.

Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.36) *****

It is a very useful module to facilitate excel file manipulation.
I am waiting to see the metioned problem fixed.
"insert_image( $row, $col, $filename, $x, $y, $scale_x, $scale_y )

Partially supported. Currently only works for 96 dpi images. This will be fixed in the next release."

Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.39) *****

I have been using this module for years. Its the sole method of my applications to export their data. It has always worked well for me. The interface is well developed and quite powerful.

Once you have the basics down, creating reports is quick and easy. I would highly recommend this module.

Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.37) *****

Very good documentation and examples.
Easy to use.
Should make the Archive::Zip required to avoid fails during tests.

Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.05) *****

Good job John,

I am very happy to see this module which allow now to create an xlsx file using perl as Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.

You have to Registered it in CPAN.

Thank you for your job and good luck to finish Compatibility with Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.


Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.02) *****

Great module, understood it in five minuttes - and belive me thats an achivement :-)

Good work
Henrik Thomsen
Mercantec, Denmark