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Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Twitter (0.007) *****

This is awesome. Really, it is, it mostly JustWorks.

There's only a few gotchas, and they're none of this modules fault, and you'll want to make sure they're not a problem before you release, or your CPAN upload will work, and you'll have the twittering fail.

1. Make sure your username and password are right in File::Homedir->my_home . '.netrc' ie:

machine api.twitter.com



2. (*nix) Make sure your .netrc isn't readable except by yourself:

chmod go-rwx ~/.netrc

This plugin could only in my estimation be improved by freeing the dependency on .netrc, and requiring that the authentication details work in a pre-release check before releasing.

( Also, the above would be nice to have documented, when that happens rating might improve =) )

But still, overall its tops.

NB. Win64 users will need to force install Net::SSLeay and IO::Socket::SSL to get it working at present. But it works.