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DateTime-Format-Natural (1.01) ***

I'm giving DateTime::Format::Natural 3 stars because while it's great for English (it covers more phrases than DateTime::Format::Flexible), it's also hard to translate. Look at the source code for DateTime::Format::Natural::Lang::EN: lots of Englishisms and weird structures (%grammars). Wonder why so far there has not been any translations to another language?

DateTime-Format-Natural (1.01) ****

Great module, but it breaks the API of DateTime::Format!

I think this code sums it up:

$date= $self->date_parser->parse_datetime($date);

# WHY!? WHY... *sigh*

if ($self->date_parser->isa('DateTime::Format::Natural')) {

croak "Invalid date: $date"

unless $self->date_parser->success;


In other words, you have to special case it if you want a design with pluggable date parsers.

This bug is mentioned right in the documentation, so I get the idea there is no intent to fix it.

DateTime-Format-Natural (0.83) *****

Indispensable if you want to parse dates entered by real people. The handling of relative dates with the ability of a custom context date (in case you need to treat some other day as today) is especially nice. The author is also responsive and helpful.

DateTime-Format-Natural (0.76) *****

DTFN is very flexible and does what you want when it comes to manually inputting dates. Highly recommended.

DateTime-Format-Natural (0.61) *****

This is an excellent module with an exemplary author. Steven is very responsive to all of my feature requests.

If you're parsing dates, you'd do well to use this module.