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Data-Pond (0.002) **

With due respect to the author, I fail to see the practical point of Pond. Pond (Perl-based open notation for data) is the Perl counterpart of JSON, except that implementation is currently only available in Perl (CMIIW), and "Pond represents fewer data types directly".

Pond is pitched against Data::Dumper + eval, which is dangerous, but Data::Dumper + eval is by far not the only method available for serialization. Perl can do Storable, JSON, YAML, even PHP serialization format.

The documentation does not show what Pond looks like.

One cute thing about Pond is that you can check Pond syntax using a single regex. But apart from that, there's nothing compelling in using Pond to serialize data.

Data-Pond (0.002) *****

Spot-on for serialising simple "plain" data structures, vastly faster and safer than Data::Dumper (et al) + eval