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Catalyst-Manual (5.8003) *****

The manual is very well written paying close attention to detail. Catalyst can be a bit tricky initially but the tutorial will guide you through every nook and cranny. I found the manual to be so useful that I wrote the author an email of thanks. I suspect you will too. I'm thankful for such a great piece of work.

Catalyst-Manual (5.701003) *****

This review pertains to the Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial only because I have not read the majority of the remaining parts to the manual.

I found the tutorial very helpful in stepping me through a simple but real-world example that I could then extend for my needs. I like how the tutorial talks about building a Catalyst application via a combination of helper scripts and hand-coding. In addition framing Catalyst features/processes within MVC is helpful for clearing up my understanding of how the framework works.

From the initial App generation and database model construction to the controller details, debugging and testing, I find the tutorial a rather complete sketch of how to use Catalyst to build an MVC web application, debug it and test it. I really like the Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst example to test not only on the unit level but also on the whole application level.

If you are trying to grasp the way to use Catalyst in your web application, then I highly recommend this tutorial.

Catalyst-Manual (5.9002)

Slightly disorganized, often grammatically erroneous, but contains all the information needed to understand and write Catalyst applications. A most welcome find -- and it is constantly improving, which is just as well, as responses to the mailing list seems to satisfy few people.

Catalyst-Manual (5.700501) ****

Not completely up-to-date for certain things, and complicated organisation, but very exhaustive.