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Cache-Memcached-Managed (0.20) *

This module provides some great features, such as the ability to manage keys within namespaces, etc. Unfortunately, memcached does not support these features in a transactional/atomic manner. If you are not reading between the lines yet: this module introduces race conditions in many of its advanced features. This is a complete show-stopper. Plus it has not been updated in 3 years. Use CHI instead, with the Memcached::libmemcached driver. It is much a much better tool in many respects and is the defacto caching standard now-a-days.

Cache-Memcached-Managed (0.16) *****

Wow, works great and as documented. Uses Cache::Memcached under the hood. I am very grateful to have the wrapper after spending a couple of hours trying to use Cache::Memcached itself and have it NOT function as documented.

Thanks Elizabeth!