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CPAN-Reporter (1.15) *****

As a CPAN author, portability should be a high priority. Unfortunately, it's not possible to have direct access to the wide variety of systems perl itself is capable of running on. But thanks to the reports submitted by CPAN::Reporter (and a well rounded test suite...), many platform and version-level incompatibilities can be remedied without having to wait for them to be reported as bugs.

For users and developers alike, the reports submitted by CPAN::Reporter (and similar tools) are an invaluable resource and, because it's automated through CPAN, CPAN::Reporter makes submitting your own test results for third-party module authors easy. Now, if we could only get CPAN::Reporter into core...

CPAN-Reporter (0.34) *****

This module adds to functionality to send test reports for cpan-testers: no more need to track down and install and configure Most welcome!

CPAN-Reporter (0.32) *****

CPAN::Reporter is a fantastic new addition to the Tester's tool-belt. It's an asset to the community that will surely benefit CPAN and the CPAN Testers. CPAN::Reporter opens up the work that the CPAN Testers do to a wider audience. Thanks for the great work David!

Full disclosure: I'm the author of Test::Reporter, so I'm probably a tad biased =)