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CGI-okTemplate (0.03) *

I used few templates modules. But they were or too simple for programmers or too difficult for designers. So I tried to create the module which is simple for designers and has enough features for programmers. It's not the best, It's just simple and enogh (I tried to do it exactly so).

Documentation is updated in the 0.03 version.

CGI-okTemplate (0.03) *

Do we really need yet another templating system on CPAN? From the looks of it, it's a simplistic engine roughly on par with CGI::FastTemplate.

Note that it uses the $` and $' variables, so just loading this module is going to impose a performance penalty on the rest of your code wherever you use a regex.

If you think you want to use, you should probably pick one of the more widely used templating systems instead. If you need help deciding, read Perrin's templating system comparison article: